Here’s a list of the more frequent questions, that could help troubleshoot an issue.

The Scalable Server drops my connection after several seconds

Answer: You need to send regularly (default max heartbeat timeout is 15 seconds on the server side) PingRequest to tell the Scalable Server the client is still connected. See the Heartbeat section for more information. If you need more time between heartbeats, please contact us.

I’m connected but the Scalable Server never answer

Answer1: check that the payload length in the packet is correctly encoded in network order. See the Length Delimited Packets section for more information.

Answer2: the payload might not be correctly encapsulated in a Message inside a Packet. See the Protobuf matriochkas section for more information.

Answer3: the encapsulation looks correct but the Message request_number doesn’t match the field number of the message. Make sure to set it to the correct matching field number.

Where is the Scalable Server protobuf distribution?

Answer: the Protobuf (version 3) distribution archive can be found at game-protos.zip with some language support already generated: